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New website is open

FINPEDMED has a new website! The website opened in July 2020. Now it has paid more attention also to patients and families.

Currently children’s illnesses cannot be treated, with respect to their needs, with such a vast selection of licensed medicines as adults’ illnesses. The research, development and use of medicinal products for children have, until now, significantly fallen behind that of adults’ medicinal products.

For this reason, in clinical practice, common pediatric pharmacotherapy relies largely on medicines intended for adult use for which there is no research data on long-term effects or adverse effects on children. Therefore, it is very important that medicines are studied also in child populations in addition to adults to ensure that children and adolescents will have new medicines for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

This development is supported by new legislation. In 2007, the Paediatric Regulation (EU 1901/2006) came into force. This regulation includes a requirement that the pharmaceutical industry conducts clinical trials with medicinal products also on children if the European Medicines Agency (EMA) judges that the medicine is essential and needed in the treatment of pediatric diseases.

FINPEDMED aims to promote the health of Finnish children as well as that of Nordic and European children by increasing research, development, and registration of new and safe medicines while, however, to avoid any unnecessary trials in children. FINPEDMED network includes members as experts from all medical specialties treating pediatric patients and experts from other fields of science. FINPEDMED operates on an open, non-profit service concept to support clinical research of new medicines for children.